Zhangsihao Yang

Under Construction
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Email: zhangsiy@andrew.cmu.edu
Mobile: +1(412)403-6635
Address: 5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213 U.S.A


     Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, U.S.A                                           2017 - 2019
     Master of Science in Mechnical Engineering                                                   Advisor: Levent Burak Kara            

     Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China                                                        2012 - 2016
     Energy & Environment Systems Engineering-Bachelor of Engineering         GPA:3.92/4.0      


  1. Under Construction
    Data-driven Upsampling of Point Clouds[pdf]
    Wentai Zhang, Haoliang Jiang, Zhangsihao Yang, Soji Yamakawa, Kenji Shimada, Levent Burak Kara
    Computer-Aided Design, 2019
  2. Under Construction
    High Degree of Freedom Hand Pose Tracking Using Limited Strain Sensing and Optical Training[pdf]
    Wentai Zhang, Jonelle Z. Yu, Fangcheng Zhu, Yifang Zhu, Zhangsihao Yang, Nurcan Gecer Ulu, Batuhan Arisoy, Levent Burak Kara
    Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, 2018

Research Experience

    Deep Learning on 3D Geometry        08/2018-present

    Deep Learning on 3D Geometry        08/2017-08/2018

    Combustion Characteristics of Oxygen Containing Liquid Biofuels       09/2015-06/2016

    Photo-catalysis Sewage Treatment System       06/2014-08/2015

    Industrial exhaust gas treatment by plasma technology  (supported by Students Research Training Program)       09/2013 – 09/2014


  1. G. Xiao, T. Yang, B. Shi, Z. Luo, C. Li, Z. Yang, M. Yan, T. Hu, S. Song, K. Sun, J. Wu, “A method and system using solar energy to treat sewage by spotlights and frequency division utilization”, Publication No: 201510471612.3

Teaching Experience

    Course Assistant of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Engineering Design (24-787).            09/2018-12/2018


    Photo-catalysis Sewage Treatment System             03/2015 – 08/2015

Standard Tests

    TOEFL iBT:  Reading: 28/30; Listening: 27/30; Speaking: 23/30; Writing: 27/30           Total: 105/120

    GRE:  Verbal: 152/170; Quantitative: 170/170; Analytical Writing: 3.5/6.0           Total: 322/340

Honors and Awards

    Carnegie Mellon University       

  • Best student poster at MechE Graduate Research Symposium

    Zhejiang University       

  • Title of ZJU Outstanding Graduate

  • Title of Merit Student; Third-class Academic Scholarship; Third-class Merit Scholarship

  •  Second prize in the National University Student Social Practice and Science Contests on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction

  •  First-class CEN Kefa Scholarship (the highest honor for students at College of Energy Engineering); Title of Merit Student; Second-class Academic Scholarship; Second-class Merit Scholarship

  •  Title of Merit Student; First-class Academic Scholarship; First-class Merit Scholarship

Extracurricular Activities

     “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Summer Camp 07/2016-07/2016
  • Wrote the parts of budget and cost analysis of the business plan

  • Finished the business plan with students from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and National Chengchi University

    Academy Presidents’ Forum of ZJU (12/2015-01/2016)
  • Booked event fields in advance; contacted related personnel and arranged the forum schedule; listened the suggestions from every academy president and summarized them for school leaders so as to solve the students’ problems in daily life and in study

    Visiting Group to the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge    (08/2013-08/2013)
  • Took classes to learn the history of the United Kingdom; visited the campuses; lived in the dormitory of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge